Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Meal Wrap-Up

So, I just thought I would update you on whether or not the weekly meal pan works.  The verdict is….It works!! Ok, so it worked for the most part. Obviously, there were some slight deviations.  Mainly this was due to not feeling like eating what I had planned and running out of certain ingredients.  I really liked having the meal plan though.  It helped me as far as grocery shopping and it helped me mentally plan my days.  I highly recommend it.

Fried polenta drizzled in a creamy mushroom sauce.  Side of fakin' bacon-wrapped asparagus. 

Saturday: Polenta & Mushroom Potpie  Fried Polenta in Mushroom Sauce with Asparagus
Sunday: Vegetable & Rice Crock Pot Soup (perfect for a long hiking day!)
Monday: Grilled Tomato Cheese, & Basil Sandwiches with leftover Veggie Soup Tomato Soup

New twist on the classic grilled cheese & tomato soup combo. 

Tuesday:  Teriyaki Tofu with Quinoa and Oven Roasted Veggies Vegan Cheesy Rice Bake 
Wednesday:  Fend for yourself day!  (aka-leftovers and such)
Thursday: Homemade Veggie Pizza
Friday: Vegan Baked Macaroni or Cheesy Rice Bake Pesto Pasta with Steamed Veggies

Quick and easy pasta served with delicious veggies.  

Saturday: Date Night! (We went to Chinese for lunch with friends and enjoyed leftovers for dinner.)

I am all shopped up and planned for this upcoming week.  The post with the meal plan is in the works.  Other than that, I am going to attempt to bring you guys some awesome veggie recipes this week.  I have been slacking on recipes, but it is my passion at heart so I plan to post some more in the upcoming days.

Do you create a weekly meal plan? 

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