Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Little Vitamin D

This week we saw the sun!! At first, I almost didn't recognize that fire-orange ball in the sky.  Alas, It was the sun!

So, Cody and I got out and trekked to the glacier (again) last weekend when the sun came out.  It is one of our favorite spots and Specks loves it there so we figured we could handle tackling the hike two weekends in a row.  We hiked out to  Nugget Falls, as usual.  Then we trekked around some other trails.  All in all, two hours of fun in the sun!

The sun was off and on all week.  When it was out, Juneau was stunning. We also saw a bit of snow early in the week.  It all melted in a matter of hours because of the warm temps.  But, it was pretty while it lasted.

There were beautiful views from our front porch all week.  The mountains were perfectly reflected in the channel waters.  It reminded me just why Cody and I chose this apartment. Beautiful views!

More sun to come this weekend, or so the weatherman tells us.  I am crossing my fingers that we get some sun this weekend.  It would be unheard of for us to have two, BEAUTIFUL weekends of sunlight.  I am lovin' the Vitamin D.

Are you enjoying sunny days?  Or are you one of the many still struggling through snow storms?  

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