Saturday, January 31, 2015

Moving Home

When I last wrote in this blog I was announcing our big move back to this Midwest.  We did move back.  Our minds were filled with the thought that we needed to be close to our families in order to settle down.  After six months back in the Midwest we realized our mistake.  There were just too many things about our life in Alaska that we missed.  Alaska had become our home.

So now we are moving home. Back to Juneau. Back to Alaska.

Cody has already accepted a job and will be heading up in March, a few months earlier than me.  Specks (the dog) and I will be heading up at the end of the school year.  I already have a few leads from my friends and old bosses in the area so I'm not incredibly concerned with finding work.  Plus, my paychecks from my current teaching gig will tide me over until September.

With that said, I am planning to start blogging from this blog again.  I have missed this blog immensely. I still get emails, comments, and quite a following for this blog.  It became apparent to me that I should just revamp this blog, instead of trying to create a new one.  I will be changing the title to The Middle(tons) of Nowhere, which is a play on our last name.  I'll also be changing a few other things like the layout.  This feels like a new beginning for my family.  Stay tuned as I get back into regular blogging mode.  I can't wait to share this journey with you :)

Your turn…Have you ever moved back to a place that you loved?

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