Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cody's Birthday!

Today is Cody's birthday!! He is getting pretty old (but he's still younger than me…doh!) We are planning a very fun and relaxing day in Cody's honor.

The hubs after a jog.  

Cody awoke to this delicious multigrain breakfast wrap.  It consisted of eggs, fakin' bacon, and sauteed potatoes.

Yummm….breakfast :) 

For lunch we splurged on some tasty chinese from our local restaurant, Zen, with some great friends.  They bought our drinks for our birthday presents (booze is pricey up here).

Spring rolls, fried rice, veggies, and tofu.  Oh, and a little Corona.   

Then, we took a trip to the local secondhand bookstore.  Success!  We are such nerds at heart.  

Bookstores=the most peaceful places on earth. 

Now, we are back home contemplating a nap/watching Where The Wild Things Are (a personal favorite).

Specks is just as lazy as the rest of us. 

Sometime today I am planning on making an eclair cake, courtesy of my mothers recipe.  She is the best at making birthday treats. I planned to make this last night so it would be ready today.  But, this whole sharing a car-thing has been cramping my shopping style.  Here are some other recipe links that will be contributing to my belated birthday concoction.

Paula Deen's Eclair Cake
Easy Vegan Eclair Cake

Obviously, I will need to find a balance between the two recipe's.  Ha ha.

What are your favorite birthday treats?? 

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