About Me

Hello! I'm Hannah and I am the writer behind The Middle(tons) of Nowhere. I am a twenty-something teacher with a knack for adventure. Luckily, my husband, Cody, and my two dogs, Specks and Luna, are just as adventurous as I am.

I began blogging way back in 2010 when I decided to accept a summer job in the Alaskan Bush.  I accepted the job off of CraigsList, much to my families concern, and took off for an incredible summer of working in the commercial fishing industry.  You can read about that journey on my original blog, Naknek Grime: A Summer in Bristol Bay Alaska.

Since then, my little family and I have been traveling all over. We spent two years living in Juneau, Alaska and then two years living in Beaver Island, Michigan. Those four years were full of fun and adventure (lots and lots of it!), but we knew that there was one adventure that we really wanted to check off of our bucket list - teaching in the Alaskan Bush. Last year, we decided to take the leap and we both accepted positions with the Lake and Peninsula School District in SW Alaska.

We jumped into our little life in rural Alaska with both feet, and landed firmly in Pilot Point, a village that we quickly grew to love. When contracts were issued for a second year in PIP (what we all affectionally call our little village), Cody and I quickly agreed to it. Our lives are not normal or traditional by any means, but we love the life that we've been able to make out here.

As for the future, who knows where we will end up. After all, we are the Middletons of Nowhere and the adventures never stop!


  1. Hannah you are beautiful and brave! Being the almost 40,mom of 3 sons I am living vicariously through reading your blogs. LOL. How wonderful you and Cody are living your dream. All the best to both of you!

    1. Thanks so much! It means a lot to hear that people are enjoying our journey :)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and am so glad I did. I lived and loved in Alaska for 5 times, each in Fairbanks and once in Anchorage. When things settle down for me some, I intend to immerse myself in your blog. I will send you some recipes and answer some of the questions you have posited.
    You are indeed brave and probably smarter than most of us down in the lower 48! Best of it all, Sandi
    PS: Here's what I am doing right now if you have some time.
    (misc...get it?) Sandi

    1. Thanks Sandi! Alaska is truly an amazing place. It is great to hear from others that love this state as much as I do :)

  3. What a great story. Ours is very similar - after living in Alaska for 3 years we decided we needed to move back home to Toronto. It was a hard decision but we will always have Alaska.

    1. Alaska is really a magical place! We decided to head back closer to home about two years ago, but this summer we are heading back. The 49th state just gets in your blood :)

    2. Oh wow, amazing! If we weren't both Canadians, and it was easier for us to work there (and it wasn't so far from home - our families would kill us for taking away the new babe) we would be back there in a heart beat!

  4. Love your blog Hannah! I am a teacher and my family and I currently live in China. We plan to be here 2 more years. After that I sincerely hope we relocate to Alaska. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely going to stop by and check out your blog too. I'm very interested in teaching overseas! :)

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