Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nine Mile Creek

Today was a girls day :) I woke up, ate breakfast, loaded Specks in the car, and headed out for a hike with some girl friends.  We went out to Nine Mile Creek Road, which is part of Mendenhall Wildlife Refuge (the refuge spans a huge amount of space on both sides of the channel).  Nice weather and beautiful views greeted us!

View of the mountains at the refuge. 

We had an awesome view of the airport in the distance and we sat on this boat and watched them take off and land for awhile.  It was a beautiful and relaxing break in our trek.

Why are there so many abandoned boats in Alaska? 

Specks and his bff Sergeant Pepper, aka Pep, (our friends dog) had a HUGE time chasing each other and passing ducks all over the place.  They were pooped by the end of the trip and Specks immediately fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Ahhh, the tough life of a pampered puppy.

Best friends!! 

Tired and ready to head home to nap. 

Do you pamper your pooch?  

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