Monday, April 13, 2015

Why We Decided to Get Married

Almost three years ago, Cody drove me out to Pine Hills in Southern Illinois and purposed to me.  I accepted almost before he got the words out of his mouth.  Pine Hills was the perfect place and I was there with the perfect person.  

View from the top of a bluff in Pine Hills.
Fast forward, after such a long engagement we were getting a bit antsy about finally tying the knot.  We had tried to plan a wedding a few different times, each attempt was more unsuccessful than the last.  Time, money, location, lack of vacation days saved up at work.  Take your pick and we've probably dealt with it. 

Hiking trail near the top of the bluff.
Two weeks before I flew up to see Cody I was chatting with my grandmother.  We started talking about the wedding, or lack thereof, and she suggested we just go the courthouse route.  Save the money and put it towards a big reception that we could plan at a much more leisurely pace.  That night, when I talked to Cody on the phone, I put the suggestion to him.  He took to the idea wonderfully.  

Revisiting the spot where we got engaged!
The planning started ASAP.  I didn't have anything.  No marriage license. No dress, No shoes. No minister.  No witnesses.  It all came together in the end.  The license, minister, and witnesses all fell into place.  Our minister was a good friend of ours and two of our BFF's agreed to be the witnesses/paparazzi. The dress ended up being a $40 cutes-y number (that I fell in love with) from Urban Outfitters.  I wore my Xtratuff rainboots as footwear.  It was perfect. 

Your turn...How much planning went into your wedding?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So, I have been on a little blogging hiatus the last week or so.  Partly because I was in Alaska visiting Cody and partly because...

We got married!! Cody and I finally (after almost three years of being engaged) tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony in Alaska.  I plan to do a full write-up about it this week.  I am also planning a few great posts about my trip.  Stay tuned for the scoop! :)