Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Gifts & Big Changes

Happy Birthday to me!!  I turned a year older on March 18th.  And, for my birthday I…….. bought a new car and landed a new job!!!!!!!

The car: Cody's car broke down about 3weeks ago and it has been so difficult carpooling.  We work different schedules by about a two hour difference.  This meant a lot of waiting around for whoever was stuck without the car for the day.  We shopped for a few weeks (VERY limited market in Juneau) when we stumbled across this car. It is a 2008 Hyundai Accent.  I can now drive to work, getting 45mpg, and be a happy clam.  (note: Cody's car breaks down and I gift myself  with a new ride…typical.)

The Green Machine :) 

The job:  While I loved my job and the people I worked with at Spunky Sprouts Preschool, I needed a change.  The main contributing factors to this were that I missed teaching and I needed more financial stability (aka: higher salary).  The main reason though was that I missed being in the classroom.  I supervise at the preschool and spend a good portion of my day pushing papers.  This isn't ideal. I miss the kiddos, the broken chalk, the days spent teaching class morning meetings.  So, I made the decision to seek out a public school job.

At the front of my class, back when I was teaching 3rd grade in Illinois. 

And, one week after interviewing I was offered a position as the new pre-k teacher at Glacier Valley Elementary School.  The position starts in April and I will be under contract for this year and next year. All day teaching…ahhhhh, sounds glorious.  Not to mention….summers off!!

My birthday was two days ago and I have to say that this was a fantastic way to spend it :)

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