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North Douglas Beaches


It's been sunny this week! I feel like I've been writing that a lot this year.  Juneau typically gets more than 300 cloudy/rainy/snowy days per year (aka NO SUN).  This year it feels like we've had a ton of beautiful, warm, and glorious sun.  I'm never going to complain about that kind of a miracle.  

This week we took the dog out for a hike and a little sunbathing by the ocean.  It was actually warm enough (upper 30's) to hike without full winter gear.  The sun helped us out too.  We ended up lounging on some rocks for what felt like all day.  I got some great pictures.  Cody just about fell asleep on a rock.  Specks, the dog, chased enough birds to last him all week.  So warm.  So sunny. So relaxing. 

Perfection :) 
Questions: Where is your favorite beach? Tell me about your perfect winter day? 

Native Alaskan Culture

We celebrated a very important holiday in Juneau this week!  Elizabeth Peratovich Day is an Alaskan holiday that celebrates the woman who helped fight for the rights of Native Alaskans. You can follow the link above to learn more about Elizabeth and all of her contributions to the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. In celebration of these contributions, our school decided to host a beautiful cultural event. Cody and I were lucky to attend the event, which featured traditional Tlingit dancing and storytelling by a respected elder. We were incredibly blessed to be involved in this evening of culture!

These are just a couple of the amazing pictures that Cody was able to take of the dance performance.  The dancing was incredible to watch! It was very processional (moving throughout the crowd) and I loved hearing the singing/chanting that accompanied the entire performance.  Truly moving.  Below is a video of the dancers entering the performance area (sorry for the poor quality, ip…

Three Days

I have a three day weekend.  And, while I am hoping to have something mildly interesting to post by the end of the weekend, all I can manage now is a couple of pictures of what I plan on spending the weekend doing.

Obviously, it's a little snowy so I plan on spending my entire Saturday having a "snow day."  I will listen to my records, watch movies, walk my puppy, drink cocoa, and cook dinner.  That is all.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Five Things Friday

There have been a lot of random thoughts floating around in my head lately! I've been struggling to compile them all into one (or more) blog posts.  So, today I stole "Five Things Friday" from many of my favorite bloggers and just wrote a blurb about each.  Some of the topics I intend to go into more detail about later on, but for now this will do.  Life has been crazy-busy the last few weeks.  But, I am glad to have a day to catch up on life.  So, here it goes...

1.) Does anybody else do this? I've been stuck in bed with a back injury the last two days and I've been living on these snack plates.  Fruit, cheese, pretzels, and yogurt.  Delicious!

2.) Also, I've become obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. This show has been my BFF while laid up in bed.  I'm obsessed with the Teller family and all of their life drama. It has all the makings of a great show: plot twists, gorgeous bikers (hah), and action.  I need a motorcycle and a leather jacket. Stat.

3.) The wea…

Superbowl Weekend

Superbowl weekend was a fun affair here in Juneau.  Alaska doesn't have a professional football team, but we tend to identify heavily with Seattle so there are LOTS of Seahawks fans in the state.  As a kid I never identified with my fellow Chicagoans and their love of the Bears (please, no hate mail) so I dabbled in rooting for the Packers.  Ever since moving to Alaska though I've transformed into a Seahawks fan.  I'm not a diehard supporter, but I enjoy watching a good game on occasion.  Anyways, this was a fun game to watch for Seahawks fans!  And I must say, I was pretty happy with the turnout myself!

Seattle Seahawks (16-3)