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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours!! 

We had a beautiful day here in Alaska.  The temps were fairly warm, but not warm enough to melt away our white Christmas! We woke up early, opened our presents, took naps, watched movies, cooked a big dinner, and went to the beach with Specks.  It was an amazing day and I could not have asked for more :) 

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!

The picture above is of Cody and I last year on Christmas Eve.  We've come a long way in the last year! At this time last year we had only been living in Alaska for three months, we'd been living in our apartment for only a couple of weeks, and Cody and I were both working low-paying jobs while we held out for our dream jobs (me-waiting for a teaching position, cody-waiting to get hired as a behavioral case manager).  This year is a much different tune! We have made our house a home, we've settled into our own traditions, and we are no longer struggling to make ends meet.  What a difference a year makes :)

It is tradition in our little family to open a pair of pajamas and a game on Christmas Eve.  Our evening will look a little something like this…

6:00pm- Dinner (prep and eat)
7:00pm- Watch the original cartoon version of The Grinch
7:30pm- Open Christmas Eve gifts (pj's and games)
8:00pm- Play a few rounds of whatever game we bought this year

A Day In The Life: Alaskan Teacher

6:00am: Usually I am hitting snooze about this time.  Zzz….  But, then I somehow make it out of bed to walk the dog, primp, and eat breakfast.

7:20am: Leave the house (in the dark) for work and make the ten minute drive to the elementary school.   Typically this involves getting stuck behind a school bus. Cody and I carpool fairly often because we work at the same school.

8:00am-3:00pm: School! I have students in my classroom at this time.  The rest of the elementary school gets out at 2:30pm but because my classroom has two sessions (AM and PM) each class has to be the same length. The AM class is at school from 8:00am-11:30am and the PM class attends from 11:30am-3:00pm.  This makes for a pretty crazy schedule and some long days for me but I really like my job so I don't complain…much ;)

I try to do a cooking activity with my students each week (this teaches math, reading, writing, and practical life skills).  This particular day we made homemade hot cocoa! It was perfect to si…

Life Lately: November Wrap-Up

November was a wonderful month in Juneau.  We started the month with some downright amazing weather (sunny, warm, etc).  We couldn't escape the snow forever though.  By mid-month we were buried.  And, because this is Alaska, we will stay that way until April.

Oh well, we didn't move to Alaska to enjoy a tropical vacation!  The month was gorgeous though and I took a TON of pictures.  This post is essentially a photo-dump of all of my cool pictures from the month that I never shared.  So, here's a little peek into what a typical November in Southeast Alaska looks like…

This month we ate delicious food…

enjoyed amazing views from the house…

wandered around this beautiful state...

spent a ton of time with friends…

snuggled the puppy…

spent too much time prepping the classroom…

and enjoyed this kooky-crazy life we are living in the 49th state! 
Questions: What did you do this month? What was you favorite part of November?