Monday, January 28, 2013

Photos from Sandy Beach

This weekend I spent a little time out at Sandy Beach, which is located in Douglas, AK.  The beach is only about six miles from our house (this is very close considering we live about four miles out into North Douglas).  When I am feeling lazy but still need to get Specks out on a good, energy burning walk we venture to the beach and hike a few of the trails as we meander along the shore.  Enjoy these awesome pictures.  They were a joy to take as Specks and I wandered around in the woods.  
Ready and anxious for a walk! 

View entering Sandy Beach. 

Abandoned buildings on the trail. 

Graffiti-outside of the building. 
Graffiti and makeshift beds.  
Graffiti and an old heating unit. 

Abandoned mine.  

View through the trees. 

The sun beginning to go down over the mountains. 

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