Monday, July 15, 2013

Perseverance Trail

This weekend we went hiking! Ok, so that may not be very surprising since we go hiking EVERY weekend.  But, we have been meaning to make it out to Perseverance Trail in Juneau for weeks and keep getting distracted by other activities.  Check out the links here and here if you are interested in hiking this trail/ learning more about it.  The trail is well maintained, although fairly rocky at places and moderately steep (especially the first 1/4mile).  It is three miles long (or six miles roundtrip), so if you hike the whole thing you can really make an afternoon out of it.  The trail also branches off into a ton of other trails.  So, halfway through you can choose to head out farther into the wilderness on Granite Creek Trail or head up Mt. Juneau for some breathtaking views.  It really is a great trail! 

The trail started and we were immediately greeted by two signs.  One of them was simply warning us of the steep cliffs on the trail (it is in the mountains) but the other one was letting us know that a mama Black Bear and her cubs had taken up residence on the trail.  Thankfully, we saw maybe 10-15 other hikers so the trail was fairly well traveled.  We didn't see any bears! 

Bear! Eek! 

The scenery was amazing from all viewpoints on the trail.  It was a toasty day (upper 60's) and the sun was shining bright. We got hot pretty quickly and ended up cooling off in a teeny waterfall.  But, we did get some cool breezes when walking by the old mining buildings! 

View of the old mines, river, and bridges. 

Funny trees near Mt. Juneau. 

Cody and I had a great time and are hoping to try and climb Mt. Juneau sometime in the near future.  All in all, a successful day of wilderness exploration.  Perfection :)

Feeling pretty tired at the end of our hike! 

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
If you hike, what is your favorite brand of hiker-friendly clothing? 
Would you ever off-trail hike? 

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