Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To: Have Fun in Alaska (Despite the Weather)

I think we can all agree that Alaska is an amazing place.  But, one BIG change that Cody and I had to get used to when moving to the Last Frontier was spending time outside, no matter the weather.  During the winter it may snow (every day) for six weeks and then the wind will blow 60mph for another week.  So, do you just stay inside for months at a time??

Not a chance.  The picture above is of Cody hiking out at Eaglecrest Ski Area during the winter.  The snow was deep, the winds were nasty, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend all of our time cooped up indoors. Thankfully, it is summer now and we have been blessed with some truly beautiful weather. 

But, it is still Alaska (specifically SE) and the norm that we are experiencing for summer weather is temperatures in the 50's and rainy. This may not be perfect summer weather but I have found that we appreciate it 100x more than we ever appreciated it living in the Lower 48.  So, here are a few of our favorite activities that we've been doing this summer.  Take note, we do these activities rain or shine! 

We go hiking and exploring….

Strolling at the local park….

We collect berries and fireweed to make jam….

Cody catches fish and prepares them for winter storage….

We sing karaoke for the locals….

We watch the rainy weather roll in….

And, we swim in the ocean! 

There are so many activities that we love to do here in Juneau.  Cody and I try to make the most of the experience by exploring our surroundings no matter the weather.  Sometimes you just have to throw on your raincoat and boots and go out exploring anyways. 

Do you go outside even in poor weather?
What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? 

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