The Views

Juneau is home to some of my favorite scenic views.  And, I fancy myself a professional photographer (just kidding) so I have tons of pictures that only I ever see.  This post is just going to show off some of the amazing views that are in my backyard each and every day.  Enjoy :)

Eagle Beach…

Eagle Beach Trail…

Mendenhall Wetlands...

Downtown Juneau (as seen from the Juneau-Douglas Bridge)…

Douglas Island (as seen from the Juneau-Douglas Bridge)...

Downtown Juneau/ Mt. Roberts…

North Douglas…

Finally, the view from my front porch on a misty morning.

I hope to do another one of these posts in the future.  I love sharing the beauty of Southeast Alaska with others.  It truly is a beautiful place to live.

**Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about a BIG decision in Cody and I's lives :)

Do you love where you live?
If so, what are some of the things you love about it? 


  1. I love reading your blog! I found it researching Alaska tv you write so well ,I feel like im there enjoying the nature too. Please keep posting! Be safe and continue to explore and enjoy! Best, Stacy Baltimore Md

    1. Thanks Stacy!! I really appreciate all of the interest. I will try to answer any of your questions and keep posting :)


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