Monday, June 24, 2013

Solstice 2013

Happy Summer Solstice! It was officially the longest day of the year on Friday and I was loving every minute of it.  Juneau saw almost 19hours of sunlight and even when the sun "set" it was still fairly dusky outside.  We never saw the typical pitch black that happens at night.  Sunset, when it did happen, was amazing!

The last time I enjoyed Summer Solstice, I was partaking in a raging bonfire on the beach in Bristol Bay, Alaska. It was such an incredible throwback to enjoy it under the midnight sun again. We celebrated and enjoyed the views by having an apartment-wide bonfire/cookout.  Good food, good brews, and good friends.  Not a bad way to start the weekend :)

We stayed up and watched the sunset for as long as we could but we had a HUGE day planned on Saturday so we knew that we had to call it a night at a decent time.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about our Saturday shenanigans.  Happy Monday!

Do you celebrate Summer Solstice? 
If so, what did you do to celebrate? 
Did any of you see the Super Moon this weekend?

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