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Outdoor Workouts: Mt. Pisgah

Mt. Pisgah is a 700ft sand dune that Specks and I frequent here on the island.  It's a pretty steep climb so I like to use it for working out.  Running a chore.

We love it though! Specks and I will usually climb it multiple times in a row.  We climb our way to the top and then run down, at full speed. I always feel like such a kid running down a giant dune at full speed.  After catching our breath for a few minutes we repeat the task.  It takes me about 15 minutes to climb to the very top and back down with Specks.  We like to do the climb at least twice.  It's a seriously intense workout.

The views from the top help make this one of my favorite workouts.  On a sunny, clear day you can see all of the islands surrounding ours.  It's really beautiful to witness.  Michigan has such blue, open skies. On a snowy day there are beautiful views too.  Drifts of snow mix with the sand making for some interesting terrain. It makes the climb super varied and wort…

Weekly Schedule

The week I've been waiting for is finally here!! This is the last week of school before spring break and on Thursday I start my trek up to Alaska to visit Cody.  I'm really only planning out Sunday-Wednesday this week.  I'll be on planes and in airports most of Thursday and Friday.  Seriously though, I'm not complaining.  Especially after Cody sent me a couple of beautiful pictures of Juneau this week.  The mountains, the ocean, the overwhelming amount of green! I miss that place so much...

Ok, back to the schedule.  For the most part I'm just using up random stuff that I have in the house because I will be MIA from the island for a whole week. Don't want to come home to a fridge of moldy food. Here's my plan for the week! 
Weekly Eats Sunday: Spaghetti, Salad Monday: Veggie Pizza Tuesday: Cheesy Baked Macaroni, Green Beans Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: N/A Friday: N/A
Weekly Workouts Sunday: Climbing Mt. Pisgah (x2) + 1 mile walk Monday:  Jillian Michael&#…


This is a big week in my household.  All three of its occupants celebrate their birthdays.  Specks is the first to get to celebrate.  His birthday was Sunday (3/15) and he turned six! We celebrated by going for a very long, fun walk and then climbing a 700ft sand dune.  Specks is all about the adventure.  He also ate way too many treats and napped with me on the couch.  Perfection :)

Today, we celebrate another exciting birthday.  Cody officially enters his mid-twenties today...such a youngster! I wish more than anything that he was here to celebrate with me.  We will be spending lots of time on FaceTime today.  I will most likely sing to him, which he will pretend to hate.  He will spend the day working and staying busy.  Luckily, he is in Juneau with all of our friends so they will treat him to a fun birthday celebration this evening. More than anything, I hope this year brings him love and happiness.  I hope he gets to go back to college this year.  I hope he climbs a few mountains…

Snowshoeing on Lake Michigan

Sunday I went snowshoeing with some friends out on the very frozen Lake Michigan.  It was a nice opportunity to get myself out of the house for a few hours.  I spent most of my weekend in a state of laziness (by choice) and I knew I needed to get in a workout and some socialization at some point.

The temperatures were surprisingly warm.  After weeks of temperatures in the -10 to -30 range having double digit, positive temperatures was a treat.  I never thought that the upper teens would feel like a warm summer day.  I must confess, temperate climates have left me spoiled.

After a short hike through deep snow we came to our destination...Lake Michigan! From there, we hiked out onto the frozen tundra that is Lake Michigan in early March.  The ice was incredible! Huge hunks of blue ice were sprouting from the frozen lake and snow.  It was surreal to see.  The only other time I've seen ice this blue was when we climbed Mendenhall Glacier last winter. It is insane to think about this …

Basketball Games and R&R

This week has been crazy.  I've been truly astounded at how tired I have been every night.  It's like a freight train ran me over. After a week of standardized test preparation, professional development, coaching, and life in general I was ready for the weekend.  First, I had to coach and attend the Alumni Basketball game on Friday night.  It was a HUGE community event, complete with a martial arts demonstration, violin performance, singers, and a chili cook-off.  Lots of fun!

Friday at about 9pm...I was ready for a weekend of nothing but binge-watching Netflix and taking naps.  Ok, I guess I'll go grocery shopping and walk the dog.  I am committed to the boring-ness of a weekend holed up in the house though. It will be a glorious thing. 

Your turn...What are your weekend plans? Currently listening to...When The Lights Go Out-Black Keys

Midwestern Winter

I'm not going to lie.  This winter has been tough on me.  Getting used to the harshness of Midwestern winters has been an adjustment. Juneau boasts a beautiful temperate climate.  It stays between 30-60 year-round. It's just a nice, predictable climate. I was completely used to it.

Before living in Juneau I had spent four years living in/going to school in Southern Illinois.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Southern Illinois, just know the climate is NOTHING like typical Illinois.  Snow is a rarity.  The first year I lived down there I never wore anything heavier than a hooded sweatshirt in the winter. It's dominated by warm weather.

Moving back to my roots has been rough on me because of the climate.  It's been 6+ years since I lived somewhere with harsh winters.  Believe me, this one has been one for the record books.

Long strings of cold.  No sign of the grass since early December.  I am ready for the thaw.  Ready for spring.  I don't know about you guy…

My Living Alone Bucket List

While I kick-it solo for the next couple of months I thought it would be important to set some goals for myself.  I'm not the type of person who does well with tons of free time.  Planning and having very laid-out plans works well for me when dealing with down time.  I decided that this would be the perfect time to throw myself into some fun hobbies and meet some personal goals.  So, without further adieu, here is my Living Alone Bucket List!

1.) Read at least one book per month. I have a reading list that I am working on right now.  I am also the queen of rereading stories, which I am looking forward to doing with some of my favorites.  I am kind of interested in doing some rereading while I am alone because I find it easier to dive head-first into a book that I already know I will love. Plus, I already know they'll keep my attention.

2.) Go on one hike per week and take my fancy camera every time. Specks and I LOVE hiking on the weekends.  It makes both of us feel happier an…

Weekly Schedule

Happy Sunday! I am back at it for another week of meal planning and workouts.  Last week was pretty successful.  I managed to stick to my plans really well.  This was especially surprising because we had a snow day this week and I tend to fall off the wagon of healthy-living when I have too much free time. My willpower isn't exactly...strong. 

I did switch up my workouts a few times this week.  Mostly just substituting one thing for something equally challenging.  I was really into Jillian's 30 Day Shred this week so I did that more than I was planning. Overall, I felt really great about it.  It was also super nice to have my blog to guide my meal choices and workouts for the week.  I think I'll make this a regular Sunday tradition for the blog.  It's been so helpful this week that I'd like to see it continue! 
Weekly Meal Plan Sunday: Stoney's (out to eat) Monday: Pizza Primavera Tuesday: Breakfast Wednesday: Alfredo with Steamed Broccoli Thursday: Leftovers! …