Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Living Alone Bucket List

While I kick-it solo for the next couple of months I thought it would be important to set some goals for myself.  I'm not the type of person who does well with tons of free time.  Planning and having very laid-out plans works well for me when dealing with down time.  I decided that this would be the perfect time to throw myself into some fun hobbies and meet some personal goals.  So, without further adieu, here is my Living Alone Bucket List!

1.) Read at least one book per month. I have a reading list that I am working on right now.  I am also the queen of rereading stories, which I am looking forward to doing with some of my favorites.  I am kind of interested in doing some rereading while I am alone because I find it easier to dive head-first into a book that I already know I will love. Plus, I already know they'll keep my attention.

2.) Go on one hike per week and take my fancy camera every time. Specks and I LOVE hiking on the weekends.  It makes both of us feel happier and healthier.  I am waiting for a bit of a thaw before tackling new trails (mostly because my tiny car has to stay on plowed roads).  We will be taking on some new trails as it warms up though.  Taking my nice (DSLR) camera is important on these hikes too.  I really want to focus on honing my nature photography skills.

3.) Clean the house for at least 10 minutes per day. I am awful about cleaning. I would make a horrible stay-at-home mom.  Living alone makes me produce half as much clutter, dishes, and laundry though.  I'm hoping to stay on top of it.  This includes dishes (yuck) and laundry (double yuck). A clean home is significantly less stressful to come home to every day.

4.) Take the dog on two long walks per day. Specks gained some weight during his sickness.  That coupled with the serious decrease in hiking our lifestyle has taken since moving away from Alaska has me thinking he needs a more serious exercise regime.  Twice a day for at least 20 minutes per walk, 1-2 miles minimum.  That is my goal for this cute doggy to stay healthy!

5.) Join a yoga class. There is a once a week yoga class offered on the island and I am really hoping to go to it regularly.  It will help get me out of the house and keep me in shape. Double win.

6.) Practice guitar.  I have a beautiful and amazing guitar, which I rarely play because I suck.  Sucking isn't as big of a deal when you live alone though.  I'm hoping to take this time to brush up on some of my skills.  Maybe start a band...or not.  Haha.

7.) Write in my blog four times per week. Blogging is a great creative outlet.  It also helps keep me accountable for my goals and lifestyle.  Blogging regularly seems like a good activity to keep me sane.  Plus, I lost a lot of readership when I took a hiatus and need to rebuild it.

8.) Write fiction. I love writing and I have always been interested in writing fiction.  Hopefully, this hiatus from living with my BFF will give me some time to throw myself into a new project.  Writing fiction is a great creative outlet and it eats up a lot of the free time that I find myself having.

9.) Exercise at least four days per week. Gotta get this booty back in shape! I lost a lot of my muscle tone and I have gained a few pounds since moving away from Juneau.  These next few months are pretty crucial for getting my body back on track.  I really would like to be back in long-distance hiking and mountain climbing shape when I get back home this summer.

10.) Try new recipes.  This one I am pretty excited for.  Cody is NOT an adventurous eater, while I am super non-picky.  I am going to throw myself (slowly) back into the culinary world.  Also, my evenings are pretty free and open these days so lengthy recipes aren't seeming quite so off-putting as they did when I had somebody to kill time with after work.

Your turn...What's on your bucket list?

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