Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Hiatus & JAMM Concerts

Sorry for the long hiatus from blogging.  I have really been struggling to get into a schedule with my blogging.  Hopefully, over the summer I can get into some sort of regular routine. I have been checking out some websites that offer advice on making blogging a routine, but any suggestions are welcome.  All a girl can do is try!

ProBlogger: 14 Bloggers Share Their Daily Blog Routine
Fitting Blogging Into My Daily Routine

In the meantime, I have been swamped with year-end tasks that have to be accomplished before school ends.  Monday is a teacher work day, Tuesday and Wednesday we have students in attendance, and then Thursday and Friday we will be closing our classrooms down for the end of the school year.  This means so much cleaning, sorting, and packing.  I think I could probably get a job as a professional mover.  World Wide Movers, are you hiring??

We are wrapping up the year with concerts put on by JAMM (Juneau, Alaska Music Matters).  JAMM is the music program for Juneau School District and they do some amazing things for the students in our schools.  Check out their website here.  Below is a picture that I snapped of some of our students performing at Egan Library on the UAS campus this weekend.  Cody and I both had students in the program so we went to show our support.

This weekend has been fairly low-key other than the violin concert.  It has been raining like CRAZY in Juneau.  But, that is pretty much a constant for those of us living in SE Alaska (we are in a rainforest).  Hopefully, the sunny summer days are ahead of us and we can spend more time doing the things we love (hiking, running, biking, etc.)  Until then, we will endure the rain and make the most of our days :)

If you blog, how did you get into a good schedule? 
If you teach, does your school have an awesome music program? 

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