Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day (Weekend)!! Cody and I had a ton of fun this holiday weekend.  We were jam-packed with activities over the weekend, but no complaints about that! It was serious summer weather here in Juneau.  We had temps in the sixties and non-stop sunlight (about 18hours of it a day).  It was the perfect weekend for outdoor activities!

Saturday we went out to eat at one of Juneau's awesome restaurants, Hangar On The Wharf.  It is right on the Gastineau Channel and has the best views.  Cody had a shrimp basket and I went for this Brown Rice & Spinach Salad served with a side of GF bread.  Yum!!

Then, we spent the evening prepping some more tasty treats for a big cookout that we were part of on Saturday evening.  I made roasted asparagus, veggie kabobs, and orzo. My fellow veggie-lovers made some feta-stuffed tomatoes and homemade guacamole.  The meat-eaters cooked up some salmon, chicken, and meat kabobs.  I LOVED all of the veggie foods and ended up royally stuffing myself. I was obviously too busy eating and socializing to snap photos.

Sunday we had a little bit more of a lazy day.  We spent most of the day as a little family (the two of us and the dog).  We went for a hike on Sandy Beach here on Douglas Island.  It is the only sand beach in the Juneau-area.  We did about an hour of strolling on the beach (serious workout in the sand) and then explored this natural amphitheater-type hole on the trail.  It was a beautiful trip!

The lovely Sandy Beach. 

Cody at the "amphitheater."

Abandoned pump house, part of Treadwell Mines. 
We tucked into one of our favorite meals for  Sunday dinner, CALZONES! We seriously love these.  Mine was a veggie version (obviously) and Cody ate one with ham stuffed into it. We enjoyed them while watching the new season of Dexter (our favorite show).

Finally, we wrapped up our long weekend on Monday by enjoying some coffee and breakfast together.  We waited until low-tide, found our favorite boulder, and tucked into our meal.  Soooo relaxing and beautiful.

Then, we purged our house in an attempt to "minimize."  Cody and I have decided to try to be more minimalist (more on this later).  We took all of our extras to local places to donate them.  Goodbye books and clothes!

We wrapped up the day with an evening jog and some hula hooping (ok, only I did the hula hooping).
Hooping is one of my favorite ways to work-out and it was great to have weather nice enough to do it outside!

**Special Note:  Thanks to all those who serve in the military!  And, a special thanks to my wonderful brother in-law, who is currently serving his fourth tour overseas.  We love and miss you Ross!!

How did you spend your holiday weekend? 
Have you ever tried living more minimalist?

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