Monday, May 20, 2013

Classroom Explosion!

Today's post was supposed to be about Meatless Monday.  I planned on incorporating my meal, recipe, and some awesome websites. I even had it all planned out and partially written...EPIC FAIL.  But, at least I have a good reason for my short post today.

Yes, this is my classroom.  If you have ever wondered what a teacher does the last week of school (post-students) this is what it looks like.  Boxes, trash, projects, more boxes, freebies from the library….so much stuff!! Where am I supposed to store it all???? If someone has some free storage space in Juneau, hit me up!

On the bright side, I did score these awesome free books from a kindergarten teacher.  She let me go through four whole boxes that she was getting rid of (she is transferring to be the new librarian).  Needless to say, I am building a small in-class library :) Can't wait!

My teaching career is currently a little up in the air.  I know at the very least I am transferring to teach pre-k at another local school (the program at my current building lost funding).  However, there is a possibility that I may move up to teach 1st-4th grade.  I plan on doing a longer post on this in the future.  Any insight on which grades you (teacher friends) prefer to teach, please share!

How do you organize all of your seasonal junk?? 
Teacher friends: What grade do you prefer to teach?? 


  1. Hi Hannah, is there any difference between the lesson plans/subjects taught in Juneau elementary schools compared to the lower 48? I read that some high school students can take courses that include archaeological digs, camping, skinning and sewing furs etc. How do you find that it differs/compares ?

    1. Elementary schools definitely have differences (even in Juneau) from the Lower 48. All of our students take Native Studies and many of the girls take Native Dancing too. My entire classroom is labeled in Tlingit instead of English to encourage students to use their native tongue. And, the school operates under tribal values (much different than the typical PC approach of Lower 48 schools). The parent experiences are super different too and there are definitely cultural things that take some getting used too. In particular, the use of nonverbal communication was strange to get used to!


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