Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainy Weekends in May

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one.  We spent some serious time lounging around the house, watching Dexter (our obsession), and eating tasty meals.  My meals have changed a bit over the last week thanks to a gluten issue, more on that later.  I did enjoy some tasty roasted tempeh and asparagus one night and mixed veggies with quinoa pasta another night.

There wasn't a ton of outdoorsy-ness happening this weekend for us.  It rained most of the weekend (ick) so we spent most of the days inside.  We did spend last weekend outside though so here are a couple of the "lost" pictures from that excursion to the Mendenhall Wetlands. It was only a little rainy so we managed to squeeze in about forty minutes of hiking on Sunday before the skies opened up on us.  These pictures were taken BEFORE we got soaked, ha ha.

Our lives were pretty low-key this weekend.  But, we plan on having an eventful week.  Cody and I both work for the school district, which means the last week of school is a crazy one for both of us.  Thankfully, next weekend is Memorial Day and we have three days off to spend some time and just enjoy life :)

Did you have a busy weekend or a lazy one? 
Do you usually let a little rain dampen your outdoor excursions?  

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