Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in Juneau

Cody and I celebrated Easter in a slightly different way than most of you probably did….

We cleaned our house!! Ha ha.  We have been slacking so we did a little spring cleaning today. Not very exciting, but necessary.

Then, we headed out to get our exercise on! We took Specks out to Nine Mile Creek Road again this weekend.  It is part of the Wildlife Refuge and makes for some awesome hiking and spectacular views. Specks had a big time and so did we.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Specks & I taking a break from hiking. 

Cody & Specks getting ready to race. 

Cody rocking his shades in cloudy weather. 
Then, it was home to tuck into some Warm Quinoa Salad for a healthy Easter dinner.  For most, it would seem like a typical weekend, and for us it was.  But, Easter is surprisingly less exciting when you live 3,000miles away from your family and don't have kiddos. Oh well, Happy Belated Easter!!

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