Monday, April 29, 2013

Bipolar Weather

What a difference twelve hours can make.  This first picture below was taken at 8:00am on Sunday morning.

This next picture was taken just before 8:00pm.  Freak snowstorm in the morning and an even more freak occurrence...nice weather! Alaska, have you had too many drinks?

Cody and I spent most of the weekend cooped up inside relaxing.  It was seriously nasty most of the weekend so we laid low indoors.  Snow days are the perfect excuse to have a movie marathon (which we did).  Late Sunday afternoon the weather FINALLY cleared up so we took Specks out for a jaunt at the beach.

Other than that I have just been slaving away at school.  Fridays cannot come soon enough.  Don't get me wrong, I love my students.  But, it is data collection/testing time.  This means I spend more time calling kids up to my desk than actually doing anything awesome with them.  Super lame.  At least we get to enjoy these awesome views from our classroom.

That's right, my classroom sits at the bottom of one awesome mountain.  Oh, Juneau…even with all of your inconveniences and Alaska-isms you still manage to amaze me regularly.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

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