Sunday, April 21, 2013

Downtown Juneau

Juneau is a HUGE town.  And by huge, I mean huge.  It is larger than the state of Rhode Island.  Seriously, wikipedia told me that it was, and I generally believe wikipedia.

Juneau, AK Wikipedia 

It is separated into seven different areas.  These areas include (from closest to our house to farthest): North Douglas, Douglas, Downtown/Juneau, Lemon Creek, Valley, Auke Bay, and Out The Road.

We spend time in all of these "neighborhoods" as much as we can because they all have so much to offer.  This weekend we focused our attention on Downtown, which is only about a ten minute drive from our house and definitely the most "urban" and populated part of Juneau.  Soon, it will be the heart of tourist season though and it will be difficult for us to spend very much time Downtown because of the influx of people coming off of the cruise ships.  We figured we better enjoy it before those crazy tourists take over!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from our adventures in Downtown Juneau!

Look, I'm a tourist! 

Cruise ship docks (sans ships).
Cody trying to give me a heart attack.  

Cody pretending to fall and ACTUALLY giving me a heart attack.  

Posing where the boats tie up when they dock. 

Downtown.  Rows and rows of shops to enjoy :)  


  1. I had no idea Juneau was so big! That last photo is just gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks!! Juneau is a huge and amazing place :)


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