Saturday, February 9, 2013

Musings from Juneau

Random thoughts that I have right now…

*Cody's car is DEAD.  D-E-A-D=DEAD.  This is what buying a $1500 car right after moving to Juneau will get you….four months of driving.  Oh well, on to buying a new car.

*On a more positive note.  Cody got two job offers this week!! One offer was from JYS (Juneau Youth Services) working as a counselor of sorts with a local elementary school.  He got a second job offer from the Juneau PD as a dispatcher.  Still up in the air about what he is planning to do, but either way it will be better than lousy retail.

So proud of him! 

*The sun finally came out!! We had two days of mildly sunny weather.  The clouds definitely gathered by late afternoon each day but it was still beautiful.  I love sunny days in Juneau.  Sadly, it is back to rainy for the weekend.

Rain, rain go away! 

*Coffee is my best friend….no really, it is.


*Cody and I both started the Couch to 5K program, WOO!  Running up a storm here in the last frontier. Albeit, we are a little soggy.  Btw- I want this running vest.  The dark and rainy weather is cramping my style a bit and I need to been easier to see for motorists.

*It is impossible for our little family to take a normal picture.

Being total dorks back at our old apartment. 

*I should probably post a more cohesive blog at some point this weekend but at this exact moment I can't un-jumble my thoughts.  Don't worry, when I do you will all be the first to know :)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Exciting news for Cody! Im sure you're proud. Did you two share the dream of Alaska or was it something you introduced to him. Good luck on your 5k. The tv show about the Kilchers was so popular, I can see you and Cody with a little reality show I think most people are fascinated w/Alaskan life. I was happy to hear Juneau has a bit of the arts as well. Didn't imagine museums for some reason. As always,loving your blog:)

    1. We definitely did not share the dream! He was touring with a band around the time we met and playing for 300,000 person, sold-out stadiums. So, his only dream was to keep touring and move to a bigger city (ironic much?). But, he became much more interested in it after we met and I introduced him. Now he is as in love with it as I am. And, he still plays music up here, which helps a lot :)


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