Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alaskan Fashion

Alaska and Fashion are two words that one does not often hear used in the same sentence.  For the most part Alaskans are flannel shirt, jeans, Xtratuff, and funny hat kind of people.  I used to think of myself as much more fashionable before we moved to the wonderful city of Juneau.  Now, most of my outfits have to center around practicality (i.e. will my shoes get soaked? )  So, I have come to adjust my fashion a bit.  Enjoy some of my favorite Alaskan outfits thus far.

Mustard sweater layered over a striped long-sleeve
Practicality level: WARM 

Chambray shirt, leggings, scarf, and Xtratuff's
Practicality level: DRY

Turtleneck/sweater dress
Practicality level: WARM 

Xtratuff Rain Boots & Sorel Winter Boots
Practicality level: DRY 

As you can see I am attempting to develop a balance.  Can you dress cute and practical?  I say yes.  But, it is taking some time for me to figure out and many of my favorite pieces are basically unwearable right now.  Oh well,  this is one big adventure, right??


  1. Hannah, im so glad you addressed this. I was curious how you balance wanting to look/feel good as a young woman with the elements. I think you look adorable! Love the scarf and I actually think the boots are cute. What type of parka/winter coat do you recommend? I've read that out in the bush real fur is a necessity as fake fur freezes.

    1. I have found that if I really hunt around I can find great pieces (warm and dry) from most stores! The winter collections rule :) For winter in Juneau I bought a Mountain Hardware coat that was down, waterproof, and wind-resistant. Juneau isn't SUPER cold but it is very wet and the Taku Winds (60mph mountain winds) rip through town for weeks at a time. My winter boots were Sorrel and I bought the waterproof kind with removable liners (liners good to -30). I was pretty toasty all winter! **I got lucky and had a friend moving from the Bush back to the Lower 48. She sold me all of her winter gear for less than $200 and it was all unused!


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