Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Weeks 'Til M-Day

Two weeks until we leave!!! Ok, we actually have sixteen days left.  But, that means we only have two work weeks.  Cody will actually be finished the fifth of October and I will be finished the eleventh of October.  October twelfth we will be on the road and heading into our new lives! Here are some pictures of our condo that we will be renting. **Pardon the poor quality-all pictures were either sent to us or taken via screenshots from the rental video.

We have had a few changes over the last week.  First, we have decided to drive and take the ferry out of Bellingham, WA instead of Prince Rupert, BC.  This new development came after talking to a friend who lived in Calgary.  He advised us against driving the Canadian route that late in October and also warned us about some pretty horrendous gas prices.  So, we will be heading across the country instead of across the continent for our trip!  Secondly, we have officially moved into Cody's parents house.  To save some cash we decided to stay with them for our last two weeks.  After a year of living alone we are now living with three extra people (and sharing a room with his seventeen year old brother!)  Thankfully, Cody has a wonderful family and his brother doesn't completely hate us for taking over his room.

Enjoy the rest of your week/weekend!  I know we will :)

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