Monday, September 24, 2012

The Miss List

Things I Will Miss About Illinois:

1.     My totally and completely amazing family
2.     My beautiful friends
3.     Fall (there is nothing more magical than autumn in Southern Illinois)
4.     Longbrach CafĂ© (the best vegetarian-friendly restaurant/coffee house)
5.     Competitive frozen yogurt shops
6.     Hiking in Giant City State Park
7.     Farmer’s Market (yummmmm!)
8.     Great local music scene
9.     Southern Illinois University and the beautiful campus
10. My school and classes of kiddos!

This list could definitely be expanded.  But, these are ten of the things that my mind has been having a hard time imagining parting with.  I know it will all work out for Cody and I in Alaska.  I will still miss all of the wonderful things about Illinois though! 

                                                                   Giant City State Park

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