Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thirty Years of Fun

I just want to start today by saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! My lovely sister/best friend turns thirty years old today.  Thirty is a big, milestone birthday so I figured that I should celebrate in a big way.  Sadly (well sad for us at least), Sara, her husband, and their three children just relocated to Hawaii with the Marines.  Until they get housing orders they are stuck living in a tiny hotel room.  So, sending birthday gifts and cards has been pretty difficult.  This blog post will serve as my unofficial card until I can find a way to mail things from here to a random hotel in Kaneohe Bay. Here is a collection of wonderful photos of her over the years.  

Sisters in Texas


                                                                 Sara and Ross

                                                            Sara in the Pacific Northwest

                                                                 Kayaking in Washington

                                                                 Megan, Lila, and Olive

The whole family :) 

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