Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Long, SoILL


Friday afternoon we said farewell to our home in southern Illinois (SoILL). We made the five-hour trek from our home to my parents home near Chicago. Our car was packed a little too tightly. So, we will be leaving a load or two of stuff with my mom to mail to us in Juneau.

Cody & I packing the trunk

Cody strapping down the turtle shell

Getting in the car to leave
There will be plenty more pictures when we leave northern Illinois.  We will have party pictures, packing pictures, and departure pictures.  We will be driving the trip in a few legs.  Our definite stopping points will be Colorado, Utah, and Washington.  Everything else we will play by ear.  I will try my best to keep everyone updated through the blog and Facebook. I am hoping to get some amazing pictures as we drive!

Enjoy the weekend :) 

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