Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last Call for the Band

Cody's band, I Am Ruin, had their final show with him as the drummer on Saturday.  It was very bittersweet.  I really loved everyone in the band and all of the lovely girlfriends/wives.  I hope we can find another band in Juneau that has great people in it.  The show went well and Cody played wonderfully.  The picture below is of them after the show.  All of the boys shaved their facial hair into mustaches for the final show.  They all looked a bit like seventies movie stars.  

In other news, we leave in five days!  We are getting really excited and have been able to separate our driving trip up into about five days.  So, we should be able to drive at a leisurely pace and see some fantastic sights.  Cody and I are both excited for the road trip because neither of us has ever driven out west before undertaking this trip.  This time next week we will be preparing for our first night out on the road! 

Question:  Have any of you ever driven out west?  If so, what are some great places we should stop along the way?  (We are taking I-70)  

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