Monday, October 22, 2012

Illinois to Alaska: Days 3-7

Well, I know we didn't keep everyone updated on the road as much as we would have liked.  Things were crazy though and by the time we got to the hotel at night we were pooped.  So, here is a little crash course in the last few days of our travels.

Day 3:  On the third day we drove out of Colorado, through Utah, and finally stopped in Idaho.  It was a very long day of travel.  We could have made the trip in eight hours but we got held up in Colorado by a cop.  We were pulled over for some crazy reason.  The cop then said that we were "suspicious"  and that he needed to question us individually! Cody and I felt like we were being harassed.  He pulled me out of the car for no reason and told me he thought the car was stolen even though I gave him valid insurance and registration!  All in all, he kept us for forty minutes.  Thankfully, Cody and I are the opposite of suspicious, so he had to let us go.  The rest of the day was mildly uneventful after this point. The drive was pretty and the towns were few and far between.  We went 110 miles between towns in Utah!

Day 4:  On the fourth day we drove out of Idaho, through Oregon, and stopped in Washington.  Idaho was pretty and Oregon was too.  We were expecting Oregon to be a lot more green than it was but we were in eastern Oregon and we didn't realize the desert stretched quite that far.  Washington was by far our favorite scenery of the driving trip.  We got to Port Orchard, WA and stayed with some wonderful family friends who graciously took us in for the night.  We were incredibly thankful for home cooked food and a comfy bed  (Thanks Gina and Conny!!).
Specks & I in Oregon 

Port Orchard, WA

Days 5-7:  We finally boarded the boat on Friday!! Woo! We loved the ferry ride and Bellingham, WA (the ferry left from Bellingham).  Bellingham was gorgeous and the ferry terminal was in such a pretty location.  We finally boarded this GIGANTIC ferry boat and took off for Alaska.  It was a breathtaking trip and Cody and I met some fun people on the ferry.  We stopped in Ketchikan, Wrangle, and Petersburg.  We ate breakfast at this restaurant called "The Landing"  in Ketchikan and it was really tasty.  The boat ride was fun for us, Specks wasn't a huge fan though.  He hated using the bathroom on the boat.  But, we all survived and made it to Juneau at 5am this morning.  Finally, we are tucked in our new apartment and are spending some time relaxing :)
Cody waiting to board the ferry.  

Cody & I sailing through the Gulf of Alaska! 

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