Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bear Drills

Well, today marked my first day as a Curriculum Supervisor at my new job.  To be clear, this is my first adult job so I was pretty nervous.  The day went very smoothly though.  I did a lot of training with the other supervisor and met all of the kiddos.  There are forty kiddos at the center so I have a lot of names to try and remember!

The most interesting part of the day was when I learned how to do a "bear drill."  When I first heard of this I honestly thought it was a joke.  But, I guess that bears wander up on to the playground sometimes so they have practice drills.  For these drills the kiddos hear a whistle blow and they basically take off running for the entrance of the building and get inside as quickly as possible.  This is pretty hysterical to me.  I can't believe that I am living someplace where drills need to happen like this!! Crazy stuff.

Have any of you ever done a bear drill?


  1. Just curious, I have always heard to walk not run if you encounter a bear? Also is there any type of fencing around the playground?

    1. There is a fence! The bears find it to be only a minor inconvenience though. Ha ha. We just practice the drills frequently and try to be very alert during recess. As far as bears go, making a TON of noise is the best solution. If you make yourself noisy, you won't appear as food to them as easily.


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