Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unseasonably Warm Alaska

We've been experiencing some downright unseasonably warm weather this month.  It's been in the 40's for weeks! And, we finally saw the sun for two days this weekend, which had been hiding from us for the better part of a month.  I was doubting it would ever return.  Thankfully, I was mistaken!

Cody and I spent this beautiful weekend outside as much as possible.  We actually grilled on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.  We have gone grill crazy.  It's one of my favorites though.  Cody usually grills meat for himself but I usually do potatoes, zucchini, asparagus, and a mishmash of other goodies. Serve with chips and salsa.  Voila! Perfect snack-y meal!

This weekend really improved my mood and outlook.  I am one of those people who tends to get the winter blues.  And, after a miserable December (we had 60ish inches of snow), a beautiful visit home to see my family, and then an entire month of monsoon-like rain I was feeling pretty blue and nostalgic for home.  This weekend was just what the doctor ordered! It was sunny so I made the most of it every day.  I spent Friday night grilling outside, all day Saturday with friends hiking/cooking outside, and I have a lunch date downtown with a teacher friend today.  Thank goodness for the sun!!

What is the weather like in your neighborhood?
Does the sun/crummy weather affect your mood?
How do you fight the winter blues? 

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