Monday, January 6, 2014

Midwestern Holidays: Part One

I'm baaaaack!! That's right folks, I am finally back from my Midwestern adventure.  I spent my Christmas Break down south.  Part of my time I spent in Illinois and part of my time was spent in Michigan so I figured I would break this post up into two separate portions.  Let's start with where I was first….Illinois!

Ahhh…I missed those Midwestern sunsets.  Seriously, the sun setting on such an open space is breathtaking.  I can't believe how different the sunsets look back in farm country!

I spent my time in Illinois with my mom and her side of the family.  What an amazing time we all had!

I got to meet my niece, Ember Violet, for the first time during this trip.  I just couldn't get enough of her! She is so adorable.  I loved meeting this funny (and very serious) baby.

I also spent time shopping, eating at my favorite restaurants, chatting with friends, playing with LOTS of babies, and lounging around my childhood home.  It was so relaxing and I left feeling refreshed!

Sadly, the weather was pretty awful.  As many of you know, that part of the country is having a TOUGH week for weather.  It's been anywhere from -10° all the way down to -40° in some areas.  Yikes! I ended up stranded in a hotel in Chicago one night thanks to this nasty weather.  Oh well, that's the Midwest for you!

Overall, I had an amazing time in Illinois.  I can't believe my trip is over.  I wish I could have stayed another week and spent even more wonderful time with my mom, my sister, my niece, and all of my amazing family.  They were all so wonderful and made my trip really incredible.

Are you in the Midwest? If so, how are you battling the weather? 
What did all of you do for Winter Break? 

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