Monday, September 9, 2013

Return Of The Rain

The days of warm and sunny weather are a thing of the past…

Our days are now rainy and cool.  It feels a little bit more like the Juneau that I know and love.  We barely saw the sun for the first nine months that we lived in Southeast Alaska.  But, when July hit the temperatures soared into the 80's and the sun seemed to never set.  While the warm weather was welcome and appreciated I am now feeling thankful for the two weeks of rain and chilly temperatures we have been experiencing.

Cody and I have used it as an excuse to curl up with movies, cook hearty meals, and do a little bit of work on our tiny apartment.  Soup has been constantly on the agenda…we've been eating outside under our awning quite a bit! It is such a joy to sit outside and listen to the rain together.

We've been enjoying the reprieve from the constant sun. I am sure in a few months time we won't be singing the same tune.  For now, it's pretty relaxing :)

Do you enjoy rainy days?
What is your favorite indoor activity?

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