Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, Bears, and Everything Spooky

TGIF! I am so glad that Friday finally showed up to greet me.  It has been a long week.  Between halloween fun, over-eating sweets, sick kiddos, sick employees, and the general inability to find substitute teachers around here, it has been nuts at work.  But, it was still a fun week and there were lots of new adventures to be had.

Tuesday and Wednesday we celebrated Halloween (Juneau style). This meant enduring heavy snowfall while attempting Halloween festivities.  There was a "trunk-or-treating" school function on Tuesday for the kiddos who are too little to walk around to get treats.  All of the preschool employees and families passed candy out of their cars instead of houses.  This was fun and the kiddos got way more candy than necessary.  Then, on Wednesday we had a Halloween party at school. For dinner, I dined on BRAINS (aka tasty spaghetti) and watched The Exorcist with Cody in the evening.  The following day was basically passed by in a sugar coma.

Finally, we made it to Friday! After having a crazy week full of sickness at work we finally had everyone there today.  But, then the craziness just multiplied.  There was a bear at our school! We were out on the playground when a child noticed a bear had approached our fence.  Insanity ensued and we all ran inside.  Thankfully, one of our teachers had a whistle on and was able to get the kiddos inside quickly.  We made so much noise getting inside that we scared the bear back into the woods!

Cody and I had anticipated having a fun Friday night out on the town.  Every first Friday of the month in Juneau there is an art festival-ish gathering downtown which involves a free beer and wine tasting.  We were pretty excited about it but the craziness of the week wore us both out.  So, we made potato soup and lounged instead.

Cody preparing the soup! 

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