Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The End Of The Road

This weekend Cody and I did something that we have been meaning to do since the first day that we arrived in Juneau…we drove to where the road ends!

The mountains at low-tide. 
The road actually ends in Juneau at two different spots, North Douglas and "Out the Road".  We have driven to where the road ends on Douglas Island (our home base) a ton of times because it is only a ten minute drive from our house.  But, the area of Juneau actually known as "Out The Road" goes quite a bit further into the wilderness and is where they intend to connect Juneau to other parts of Alaska by road in the future.  This area goes about 30extra miles to be exact (ish) and in the complete opposite direction of Douglas Island.  The drive took about 60minutes (each way) from our house so it was a bit of a trek by Juneau standards. There wasn't any indication that the road was ending (imagine my surprise).  But, after skidding my car down a narrow dirt road and realizing I was no longer on a "road" and indeed headed into the unknown I decided to backtrack a bit and park about 1/2 mile back at an outlook.  We hiked the rest of the way down to see what there was to see where the road to civilization ended.

Strolling on the beach with my pup.  
This was the perfect end to our weekend.  It was beautiful, relaxing, and we still got a little exercise worked into our daily routine (for both us and the doggy).  We live in such a beautiful place.  It never ceases to amaze me that I can walk out my front door and stick my feet in waters from the Gulf of Alaska or climb a mountain that is part of the Alaska Boundary Range.  Realizing how luck we are to have the opportunity to live in such an amazing place for a few years has really made me appreciate life and all of its adventures :)

Do you live somewhere that allows you to go on hiking expeditions? 
Would you ever consider living in Alaska? Why or why not? 
If so, where would you want to live? 

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  1. I would love to spend a month in the bush. Even in winter! It seems so exciting. Do you carry any supplies
    or an emergency pack when hiking? Also did you bring your automobile or buy one there? How far is the WalMart that does all of the shipping?

    1. Always carry an emergency pack! Even if we are planning a super short hike we plan ahead. At the minimum we always carry two XL water bottles (one with a filtration system), first aid kits, matches/flint, extra clothing, and food (in bear-safe containers). In the winter it varies a bit because of the elements. As far as the car goes, we sold Cody's car and shipped mine. We ended up buying one here as well. Shipping in Juneau is super easy! But, when I was living in the Bush it was much more difficult and we had to ship everything from Anchorage. Great questions!


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