Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Food & Good Fishing

Saturday was an amazing, albeit busy, day for Cody and I.  We had a ton of plans with friends (we like to jam-pack most of our activities into one day so that our other day can be spent doing couple-ish things).  So, we had breakfast plans, hiking plans, and fishing plans.  It ended up being an incredible day full of first-time experiences for both of us.

We started out with a trip to the Sandpiper Cafe.  I had been hearing great things about this place but I still hadn't ventured out to it yet.  Now that I have been I will be going back regularly!

The Sandpiper Cafe is the only restaurant in Juneau (that I know of) with a great selection of vegetarian and vegan meals that are super tasty.  I ended up getting ricotta and sourdough pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit.  Cody got a burger and was given a huge selection of meats to choose from.  We also tried their mushroom soup (amazing) and walnut pancakes.  It was a seriously tasty meal.

After breakfast we headed out to the Shrine of St. Therese, which is located Out The Road in Juneau.  It is a well-kept retreat area in the woods.  The grounds are incredibly well maintained and so are the buildings.  It was so beautiful! The walk was super short and easy, accessible by pretty much anyone.  To get in a little more of a hike we traversed the rocky beach. I ended up finding this cute starfish :)

Shrine of St. Therese. 

Views of the walking path. 

Starfish :) 

After the hike we tucked into some fishing.  I have never really done much fishing but it ended up being pretty fun. And, my arm got a serious workout! We didn't catch much but I did end up hunting down some clams.  We are hoping to try out some new spots in the next couple weeks because the salmon run is currently in full-swing and we would love to be able to catch and freeze some of our own meat for the winter.  We hope to live very sustainably one day, and catching our own meat for the winter would be the first step (at least for Cody's survival-ha ha)!

Baby Hermit Crabs. 

Catching some fish! 

Do you like to try out new restaurants?
What are your favorite outdoor activities?
Do you ever go fishing? Would you ever catch your own meat for winter? 


  1. Ahh, starfish! That is so cool. :) The shrine is beautiful too.

    1. Thanks! I have been trying to catch a starfish for awhile and this one just happened to find me. Such a beautiful place :)

  2. Hi Hannah im loving your blogs. Have you heard of Life Below Zero on Natgeo? If not,worth checking on you tube. One of the couples,Andy and Kate Bassich live in the bush in a little cabin on the Yukon river. You and Cody remind me of a younger version of them lol. Kate also writes a blog you would enjoy about life in the bush. She's on twitter as well. Kate Rork Bassich and that links to her blog.I so enjoy hearing of your adventures.

  3. I am definitely going to have to check out this show! Thanks for the suggestion :)


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