Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vegan Running

Running Update:  I have been seriously slacking.  But,  I am back in the game thanks to these fabulous running shoes!

VivoBarefoot Vegan Running Shoes.

I love them.  They are amazing.  Also,  any time I can support the vegan products I do.  These shoes are an awesome alternative to the barefoot running craze.  I have only jogged in them once so far but my knees were already thanking me tremendously.  New shoes make all the difference, eh?  Hopefully these shoes will help me keep on my training path so that I can take on some actual races in the future and not just jog for recreational purposes.  I will keep you guys updated on things I do/don't like about the shoes and whether or not I would still recommend them after a couple weeks worth of running.

What type of running shoes do you wear? 
Do you buy vegan products? 

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