Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Home on Beaver Island

Our moving date is looming ever closer. All of our belongings that we chose not to sell are leaving on a Uhaul trailer in seven days, and we will be following on a ferry boat barely a week later.  Moving is always a crazy and emotional experience, yet we seem to be fantastic at it since we've done it every two years since 2012.  This will be our third cross country move in six years. I assume we will eventually find somewhere that we want to "settle" and put down roots, but we haven't found it yet so we keep just keep exploring.

One thing that always makes me a little sad when we leave is disassembling our house.  As usual, our house was just finally shaping up into my ideal little space. We had acquired some nice furniture, the d├ęcor was (for the most part) hung in perfect little spots, and it looked the way I wanted it to. Less than  month ago, the house looked nice, quaint, and put together. Today it is in boxes.

Our home in October 2015.

Our home in January 2016.
I'll miss our giant sky lights that make the kitchen and living room so bright.  I'll miss our house being a scorching temperature all winter long due to the amazing wood stove.  I'll miss hauling wood through deep snow to fill up that stove.  I'll miss letting the dogs run wild in the yard, without fear of predator animals.  I'll miss sitting in our living room and sipping coffee with the numerous windows thrown open in the early morning. I'll miss the seemingly perfect summer weather in Northern MI that allows us to live for months on end without closing those windows.

The living room and sun room.
The kitchen/dining area.
With all of those things I'll miss, I am also excited.  Excited to purge my belongings, again. Excited to have a new adventure.  Excited to immerse myself in a new culture and lifestyle. Excited to do some traveling with my little family. Excited to shed some of the material "stuff" that has come to bog us down over time.

The bathroom.

The master bedroom.
Never the less, emptying a house that you've grown fond of is always a little sad.  Watching all of your belongings fall into boxes, knowing some of those items will undoubtedly get broken in the move. We will miss our little cabin the big woods, but now we are moving on to a little house in the big, wild tundra.

Your turn...What are some of your favorite things about your home?
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**Note: Our house is for sale! Cody and I were renting it from a good friend, but it is now on the market.  If you know anyone looking for a little slice of island living, send them my way!**


  1. The picture of your house in the snow looks like it could be a postcard! So pretty....

    1. Thank you! It's one of my favorites from this year.

  2. Replies
    1. I accepted a job teaching in the Alaskan bush next year, so we are off to a new adventure!

  3. Whoa, Alaska!! That is amazing! What an adventure it will be, I am sure, and I cannot wait to follow along on your blog. :) As for me, I totally know what you mean about the heartbreaking moments of leaving + the excitement of going. Here's to new roads ahead! xx

    1. Thank you! We love Alaska and lived there for a couple years before, but this will be a whole new thing to live in a village. I LOVE your blog, btw! It's one of my favorite discoveries lately :)

  4. This is so strange, I was day dreaming about buying your little house when I saw the ad on Trulia about a month ago. In fact, I was just today on Pinterest looking at pictures of Michigan (where I grew up, too :)) - again dreaming of how I could make the move - When I found your "Beaver Island - That's a Wrap!" post. I'd love to pick your brain about the Beaver Island experience - in particular, I'm very curious how one goes about finding work there.

    1. Hi! I'm always happy to chat with a fellow Michigander! My husband and I found work on BI because we both work in education, but I know many others who have moved there to do other jobs in the community. I'd be happy to give you some ideas. Do you have an e-mail address you'd like me to send a message to?

    2. Yes!! Thanks so much for your response. It's, I would love to pick your brain!


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