Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Last Days

I officially have my marching orders.  My new job starts later this week and I am soaking up my last few days of boredom…er, freedom.  In honor of my new employment status I am taking lazy to a whole new level.  Bathing suit on, book in hand,  laying at the beach.

I suppose I did do something this week.  I drove down to Illinois to visit my mom before my job started.  We had a relaxing time just hanging out and binge-eating pizza from Monical's Pizza (aka my favorite pizza EVER).   It was also a good opportunity to check out some of the long-lost college belongings that Cody and I want (or don't want) to move into our new apartment...that is, if we ever get a new apartment.

The impromptu trip also gave me a chance to see my childhood dog, Lucy.  She is twelve (going on thirteen) and, unfortunately, recently went blind.  Poor girl was running into things all over the house.  My mom had to attach pool noodles to all of the furniture to keep her from getting hurt.  It was sad to see her struggling to get around, but she was in good spirits and followed me around the whole time.  Somethings never change :)

Your turn…How are you spending the last month of summer?
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