Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our Wedding Story

On an early April morning in southeast Alaska, my fiancĂ© became my husband.  Cody and I had been engaged for almost three years when we finally decided to get married.  The ceremony, dress, and everything else were haphazardly planned within ten days of the ceremony occurring.  Despite the quick planning, the ceremony was perfect.  The rain held off for the duration of the day and we were married in the shadow of the mountains and a breathtaking glacier.  Low clouds hanging over the beach created the perfect wedding atmosphere. Words can't describe how wonderful it was, but I think the pictures do a pretty good job at conveying the mood of the day.

Our witnesses and best friends, Claudia and Suzette. 

Cody holding the bouquet.

Claudia and I trying to figure out how to work my new camera. 

Danel, our good friend, marrying us at Skater's Cabin.

Listening to the officiant.

It's official and Claudia is excited!

Standing with my bouquet of flowers. 

Suzette, Cody, and Claudia goofing around.  Glacier in the background. 

Cody, Danel, and I after the ceremony. 

Mr. and Mrs. Middleton! 

Matching XtraTuff boots on the beach. 

Boots on the beach and low clouds on the mountains. 

I had to bring a big sweater to keep warm before and after the ceremony. 

We're married! 
Your turn…Where did you get married at?
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  1. What an awesome wedding! We're getting married in September and love the outdoor feel! I love your dress!

    1. Thanks! It was the perfect little wedding for us :) The dress came from Urban Outfitters and only cost $40 (after shipping). Haha.


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