Sunday, March 23, 2014


I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday this week.  The day of my birth happened to fall over Spring Break so I got to hang out, relax, and generally just do whatever my heart desired.  Coincidentally, Cody and Specks also celebrated their birthdays this week.  It has been quite the exciting break.

As with every birthday though, I start to question things.  I don't know why birthdays do this to me! A billion questions ran through my head though on that day.  Should we stay in Juneau? Should we move on to another adventure? Should we finally start planning our wedding? Should I find part-time work over the summer? Do we have enough money saved for Cody to go back to school?

Geesh! My head was hurting.  Sometimes I get a little overzealous when thinking about the future.  This time I just tried to breathe and remind myself that sometimes I don't need to make those decisions.  Sometimes I just need to throw my ideas to the wind and hope that the right idea will make its way back to me.  Today's post is just a reminder that we all need to take a step back and breathe sometimes.  Now, everybody do it with me….

How do you relax?
What big decision are you struggling with right now? 

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