Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!

The picture above is of Cody and I last year on Christmas Eve.  We've come a long way in the last year! At this time last year we had only been living in Alaska for three months, we'd been living in our apartment for only a couple of weeks, and Cody and I were both working low-paying jobs while we held out for our dream jobs (me-waiting for a teaching position, cody-waiting to get hired as a behavioral case manager).  This year is a much different tune! We have made our house a home, we've settled into our own traditions, and we are no longer struggling to make ends meet.  What a difference a year makes :)

It is tradition in our little family to open a pair of pajamas and a game on Christmas Eve.  Our evening will look a little something like this…

6:00pm- Dinner (prep and eat)
7:00pm- Watch the original cartoon version of The Grinch
7:30pm- Open Christmas Eve gifts (pj's and games)
8:00pm- Play a few rounds of whatever game we bought this year
9:00pm- Splurge on some Christmas treats before bedtime
9:30pm- Head to bed to read, snuggle, and drink some warm tea

I will hopefully have a few more posts to share about Christmas over the next week because….I am heading home! I will be taking a trip back to the Chicago-area to visit my parents this week.  Cody and Specks aren't coming with me so I will miss them dearly.  However, it has been fifteen months since the last time I saw most of my family so I am pretty jazzed.  I hope all of you have a beautiful holiday season! :)

What are your Christmas traditions? 
Are you doing any holiday travel? 

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