Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern Lights & Tasty Meals

This weekend in Juneau was a MUCH needed holiday weekend.  Parent-teacher conferences demanded most of my attention last week, and I still have a couple to wrap-up tomorrow.  But, I felt so excited after wrapping up (most) conferences on Friday afternoon that I treated myself to a few tasty treats.

Yup, that's a strawberry velvet cupcake….heavenly.  And, I paired it with a little peppermint tea.  Both were bought at a couple of my favorite local hotspots.  It was an amazing way to kickstart my weekend.

The most exciting part of our weekend took place on Friday and Saturday nights….the Northern Lights were visible!!  Sadly, I don't have picture proof but we did get to see them faintly.  They were incredibly bright on Friday night and you can check them out here, on local artist Elise Tomlinson's Facebook page.  Keep in mind that the harbor that she pictures is only about three miles from my front door.  Whoa.

I snapped this picture at sunset one evening this weekend.  Not nearly as exciting but I still like it :) In an effort to see the Northern Lights a second time Cody and I ventured out to the glacier at 10:00pm on Saturday night.  We didn't see them but we did enjoy a romantic (and chilly) evening under the stars.  We could see the entire Milky Way. Amazing.

Anyways, back to something I have picture proof of…food.  Cody and I seriously indulged on meals on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we had chik'n parmesan sandwiches with homemade fries.  We also enjoyed a few tasty brews with our food.  The bottle caps gave us some weird, and possibly enlightened (?) messages.

Sunday we indulged on creamy tomato tortellini soup. Then, we topped it off with some chocolate cheesecake brownies. It was a delicious weekend but we will both be hitting the gym tomorrow, that's for sure!

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? 

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