Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Outdoor Workouts: Mt. Pisgah

Mt. Pisgah is a 700ft sand dune that Specks and I frequent here on the island.  It's a pretty steep climb so I like to use it for working out.  Running uphill...in sand...is a chore.

We love it though! Specks and I will usually climb it multiple times in a row.  We climb our way to the top and then run down, at full speed. I always feel like such a kid running down a giant dune at full speed.  After catching our breath for a few minutes we repeat the task.  It takes me about 15 minutes to climb to the very top and back down with Specks.  We like to do the climb at least twice.  It's a seriously intense workout.

The views from the top help make this one of my favorite workouts.  On a sunny, clear day you can see all of the islands surrounding ours.  It's really beautiful to witness.  Michigan has such blue, open skies. On a snowy day there are beautiful views too.  Drifts of snow mix with the sand making for some interesting terrain. It makes the climb super varied and worth it.

Your turn...What are some of your favorite outdoor workouts?

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