Sunday, March 8, 2015

Basketball Games and R&R

This week has been crazy.  I've been truly astounded at how tired I have been every night.  It's like a freight train ran me over. After a week of standardized test preparation, professional development, coaching, and life in general I was ready for the weekend.  First, I had to coach and attend the Alumni Basketball game on Friday night.  It was a HUGE community event, complete with a martial arts demonstration, violin performance, singers, and a chili cook-off.  Lots of fun!

Friday at about 9pm...I was ready for a weekend of nothing but binge-watching Netflix and taking naps.  Ok, I guess I'll go grocery shopping and walk the dog.  I am committed to the boring-ness of a weekend holed up in the house though. It will be a glorious thing. 

Your turn...What are your weekend plans?
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  1. It looks like you had a busy week and were in definite need of a relaxing weekend! I hope you were able to get lots of rest in :)

    Circus & Bloom

    1. Thanks! I spent the weekend doing some serious relaxing :)


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