Monday, August 12, 2013

Mt. Roberts

This weekend Cody and I decided that we needed to climb a mountain.  We hike most weekends but we have yet to attempt an actual mountain.  This is something we have both been hoping to accomplish this summer and Juneau offers mountains in every direction.  We chose to hike Mt. Roberts, which rises from the downtown-area of Juneau.  There is a tram that goes up and down the mountain to provide easy-acess to tourists during the summer months.  For our first mountain hike, it was well-populated and easily traversed (in most sections).

View of Mt. Roberts from our house.  The night before the hike. 
The trail is about 2.5miles each way if you only hike as far as the tram.  However, you can continue up further to the summit, which rises 3,900ft above sea level.  The mountains in Juneau are unique because they rise from sea-level.  Mountains in many other places (such as the Rockies) are rising from already highly elevated land.  Our mountains rise straight up from the ocean.  This creates quite the views and I think it makes our mountains all the more beautiful.  I love the mountains in Alaska!

Peek-a-boo views from halfway up the trail. 

Stopped for water near to top. 

Lookout point from the tram.  Views of Downtown Juneau and Douglas Island. 

The hike was moderate to strenuous at times.  There had been heavy rains a few days prior so places in the trail were nearly washed out and extremely muddy.  We enjoyed the hike and explored a little further than the "traditional" trail allowed.  In total we spent about four hours on the trail.  It was beautiful and we loved the adventure!

Would you ever climb a mountain? 
What was a summer goal you hoped to accomplish? Did you? 


  1. beautiful photos....keep hiking those mountains :-)

  2. Thanks :) I'd hike them everyday if possible!


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