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I'm Back!

Wow! It has been three months since my last blog post.  I've been blogging for (almost) five years and I don't believe that I've ever taken such a hiatus.  Honestly, there were many reasons for the break.  For starters, Cody and I got married in April and then I was in Alaska for a week-long trip.  It was a very hectic couple of weeks leading up to the wedding and the trip.

After I got back, a series and of events led us down the path of deciding to stay in the Midwest again this year.  We were initially so excited to be moving back to Alaska and we both had jobs (Cody had already started his). It just seemed right to stay here though, in the end, and spend time with our families and friends.

School ended (woooo) for the summer and Cody and I are now just enjoying kicking around at my dad's lake house in southern Michigan.  The weather has been stellar, which makes looking for new jobs a wee bit difficult.  What can I say, I'm a beach bum at heart.  Time will tell …